Headache Symptoms Treated by TruDenta®

We can treat headache and jaw pain symptoms, including:

Age and wear
As the body ages, so does the bite. Natural teeth wear at different rates from years of dental work. For example, fillings and crowns can be made from amalgam, precious metals, ceramics, or other materials. The different materials within your mouth wear at different rates and can cause improper alignment of the teeth, forcing the muscles and tendons to work harder to compensate for any imbalances. As we age, joints and cartilage are reduced in thickness. This changes angles and forces within the overall dentomandibular region. As you grow older, your teeth and bite change, potentially causing many of the headache and jaw pain symptoms that can be treated by our TruDenta trained practice.

Head, neck, or body trauma
Vehicle accidents, sporting activities, or even your baby bumping his or her head against yours could cause force-related symptoms in the head, neck, and jaw. The list of events that can cause head trauma is long. Current symptoms may have been created years ago by an event long since forgotten or dismissed as minor. Head, neck, or jaw trauma could cause stretching or tearing of the ligaments and muscles along with other unseen or undiagnosed dental force imbalances and impairment.

Dental repair and orthodontics
Symptoms may also develop due to poor adaptation to completed dental work, aged restorative materials, and, in some cases, poor adaptation of the patient to orthodontic changes. Wisdom teeth extraction can also be a potential source of dental force related symptoms.

Stress, diet, posture, and frequent computer use
If you lead a stress-free life, congratulations! You are less likely to experience dental force-related symptoms in your head, neck, and jaw. For the other 99% of the world, stress and poor posture (such as from sitting in front of a computer for hours, or long commutes) can result in many of the symptoms listed above. Weight gain and improper eating habits can also contribute to head, neck, and jaw pain.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms shown above, contact us today for a painless evaluation and examination using our patented TruDenta diagnostic technologies.

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